Lukas ColomboDirector / Producer/ Cinematographer

Lukas Colombo is a multi-award winning, bilingual director/producer hailing from Santiago, Chile. Getting his start over a decade ago directing music videos and commercials, working with the likes of Steve Vai and Cirque Du Soleil, Lukas demonstrates a strong narrative sensibility and an authentic connection to his talent which is appreciated in his feature film and TV work. He has received over a dozen international and national awards for his narrative film work and over fifty million views online. His latest TV Pilot and feature films have attracted significant attention among many distributors in the entertainment industry. As a highly-respected visual storyteller, with a distinguished background in cinematography, Lukas often speaks internationally at industry events and panels such as NAB about the importance of creative storytelling techniques and audience engagement. As the founder of Moai Films, he has seen the successful completion of over 300 client projects and collaborated with industry giants such as Dolby Laboratories and Blackmagic Design. He currently resides in the Greater Los Angeles Area with his loving wife and four beautiful kids.

Lukas is represented by Bauman Management and ACA Agency in Hollywood.

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