Suzanne NilesWriter / Public Relations

    Suzanne Niles is the media and public relations representative for The Salvation Army Vision Network, SAVN.TV. Suzanne is also an author, speaker and actress. Suzanne has published online in Sonoma Christian Home and Charisma. Her first book with co-author Wendy Simpson Little, “Fast Friends, The Power of Friendship, Fasting and Prayer” will be released October 2015. She has a passion for networking and connecting people to the proper cause. Suzanne’s career has covered handling PR for actors to political figures and The Billy Graham Evangelical Association to a USA Olympic team coach. These opportunities have given her the opportunity to arrange promotion through all types of media outlets. Her desire is to bring the love of Christ, practice of prayer and fasting and the gospel to people everywhere and to highlight the services of the Salvation Army.

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